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Pioneering Agriculture Remote Pilot Course in India in Compliance with UAS Rules 2021

DGCA Approved Organization

Experience expert training at India’s First DGCA approved agriculture drone training organization, compliant with UAS Rules 2021

Small Category & Drone Spraying SoPs

Exclusive certification training program provider for Small category drones and agricultural drone spraying SoP’s in India.

Best Flight Simulators

Offering the best-in-class flight simulators and high-quality drones built in compliance with NPNT and proudly made in India.

DGCA Approved Instructors

Our team of highly qualified and DGCA-approved instructors provide personalized 1-on-1 flying lessons for maximum attention.

Food & Stay

Budget-friendly guesthouse with on-site dining options, conveniently located near the training location on the Campus.

DGCA Certified License

Obtain a DGCA approved Remote Pilot License with a 10-year validity, in compliance with UAS Rules 2021.

Drone Spraying SoPs

Autonomous Drones in Agriculture

Drone-Based Pesticide Application in Rice


I got my RPC training, and we have conducted extensive field trials with AG365 drones and found them to be safe, efficient and reliable in agriculture crop protection. Compared to manual methods, pest control is excellent, with lower residues leading to sustainable farms.

– Dr. Varma, Principal Scientist, PJTSAU

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