The Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) was established on 03-09.2014 as per Govt’s GOMs. No. 7, Agricultural and Cooperation (Agri. III) department, Govt. of Telangana dated 3I-07 -2014 adapting the ANGRAU act 1993 as the ANGRAU act of 1963 (Telangana Adaptation) order 2014. In tune with the latest advancements in agri. research, PJTSAU is in the forefront with regard to innovative research on emerging technologies like drones, AI and machine learning. It is to inform that PJTSAU already developed “standard Operating Protocols” for spraying of pesticides through drones in seven crops viz., rice, cotton, pigeonpea, groundnut, sesamum, safflower and soybean. In view of severe labour scarcity in the State of Telangana, as part of skill development PJTSAU intends to establish a RPTO by name “PJTSAU Drone Academy” in collaboration with drone partner Marut Dronetech Pvt. Ltd. In this regard, PJTSAU took initiative to nominate faculty for DGCA approved master trainer training prograrnme and four of our faculty got certified.

DGCA – RPTO – Certificate of Authorisation

Sri M. Raghunandan Rao, IAS
Vice – Chancellor, PJTSAU

Vice – Chancellor, PJTSAU

Use of drones (UAVs) in modern agriculture is an emerging technology in India. The global agricultural drones market is expected to witness 18.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2018 – 2026. UAVs offer huge potential for addressing several major challenges in global agriculture, particularly in crop health monitoring, agrochemical spraying and precision agriculture. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimated that one million applicators have been subjected to ill effects of manual pesticide spraying in crop fields. Drones can become one of the alternative strategy to reduce operational exposure in terms of maneuverability.

Development of best management practices (BMPs) to enable drone deployment for agrochemical spraying can aid in quicker and efficient pest management. Lack of crop specific standard operating protocols (SOP’s) for drone spraying duly supported by scientific backup has
been identified by PJTSAU as one of the major constraint either to develop regulatory framework or to guide farmers on drone technology.

Leading from the front, PJTSAU has initiated innovative project in this direction during 2020-21 and developed crop specific SOP’s targeting seven crops viz., rice, cotton, redgram, groundnut, soybean, sesame and safflower, where the pesticide consumption is reportedly quite significant
in the State.

The efforts of PJTSAU in taking forward drone technology for pesticide spraying in different crops to diffuse any misconceptions on the subject. I compliment and congratulate the efforts of scientific team for bringing out this book to benefit all the stakeholders in the country.

Rules & Regulations

12th March, 2021 – Rule 15 A and CAR Section 3, Series X, Part – I was superseded by the UAS Rules, 2021 published by MoCA in the Official Gazette

25th August, 2021 – The UAS Rules, 2021 was repealed by “The Drone Rules, 2021

24th October, 2021- The National UTM Policy Framework was published by MoCA

26th January, 2022 – The Certification Scheme for Unmanned Aircraft Systems was published in the Official Gazette

Genesis of Drone Application and
Research in PJTSAU

  • Aerial mapping and digitization of university properties and lands at Rajendranagar main campus, Agricultural Research Stations and KVKs of Central Telangana Zone were completed in the 2019, after an MOU with AEGIES Drone manufacturers on 27.9.2018.

  • Initiation of research on “Assessing of spray fluid requirements for aerial spraying using drones in rice crop” at Rice Research Centre, Rajendranagar on 21st February, 2019

  • Observation trial on “Evaluation of performance of drone aerial
    spraying and traditional ground-based knapsack spraying in managing
    safflower aphids” at Agriculture Research Station, Tandur during
    November, 2019

  • Organized a brain storming session on “Drone-based applications in
    agriculture” at University Auditorium, Hyderabad on 9th January, 2020
    involving industry representatives, farmers, scientists from PJTSAU
    and IIIT, NGOs etc., under the chairmanship of Honourable Vice
    Chancellor, PJTSAU

  • MOU signed between PJTSAU and Aviation Department, MIT, Anna University on 9.1.2020

  • Launching of “Network Project on Evaluation and Standardization of Aerial Spraying Parameters using Drones in Major Field Crops” by Sri. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary (Industries & Commerce and IT) and Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, APC & Secretary (Agriculture), Government of Telangana at PJTSAU on 24th September, 2020

  • MOU signed between PJTSAU and various drone companies viz., Marut Dronetech Pvt. Ltd. on 5.12.2020

  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation – Remote Pilot Traning Organisation Certificate of Authorisation – PJTSAU Drone Academy Issued on 11.12.2023

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