Become a DGCA Certified Drone Pilot!

  • Remote Pilot Certification is Mandatory for Commercial Flying.
  • License Valid for ten years under Drone Rules 2021.
  • Train with Us & Get Instantly Hired in the Drone Sector.

DGCA Certifed Training


  • Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements
  • Guidance on Industrial and Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Live Practical Sessions
  • Hands-On Simulator Training
  • Career Guidance from Experts

Drones in Agriculture


  • Introduction to Agri drones
  • Critical parameters in Spraying
  • Different Nozzles and their use
  • Drone Spraying Formulations and SoP’s
  • Field practical trials and advanced flying

Learn how to use Agriculture Drones!

  • The course will cover various topics, including crop monitoring, mapping, and data analysis.
  • Students will learn about the latest farming techniques and strategies and how to use UAVs to optimize crop yields and reduce costs.
  • The course will also cover important safety and regulatory information and prepare students for the necessary certifications to operate UAVs in the agricultural industry.
  • Experienced professionals will deliver the training with a deep understanding of the agriculture industry and the use of UAVs in farming.
  • The course will include classroom instruction and field training to ensure students can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

SOP for Drone

Drones Rules

Certification Schemes for Drones in India

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