Awareness program and field demonstration on Agricultural Drones Project held by KVK Kampasagar

KVK, Kampasagar organized and conducted Awareness Programme and Field Demonstration on Agricultural Drones Project at Guntupally (V), Thripuraram(M), Nalgonda Dist on 21st December, 2022.

  • Details of participants
  • Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao, Programme Coordinator & Head
  • Smt. A. Ramulamma, SMS (Plant Protection)
  • Sri A. Saikiran, SMS (Agrometeorology)
  • Activity Details
  • Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao, Programme Coordinator addressed the gathering and briefed the Mechanization in agriculture in present scenario with focusing on drones.
  • Smt A. Ramulamma, SMS (Plant Protection) explained benefits of spraying chemicals and their dosage with the drones.
  • Sri Anil garu, MARUT Drones representative explained the features of drones and demonstrated in the fields of Sri A. Narsaiah garu & Venkateshwarlu garu  in Guntupally village of Nalgonda dist on Cotton & Groundnut crops.
  • Number of farmers and Staff participated – 25 No.

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