‘Drone-acharya’: Telangana to lead way in spraying pesticides through drones

The collaboration is working on developing SOP for using drones to spray pesticides, for which field work is being taken up across Telangana.

Using a drone to spray pesticides is not permitted in the country, despite the fact that it saves the kisan from exposing himself to the toxic chemicals. A main reason cited for this is the lack of scientific validity regarding the use of drones for the purpose. Research by agricultural experts from the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU) and a private company will soon shed some light in this direction.

Expected outcome of the research

  • SOPs for the use of drones in plant protection
  • Crop-specific SOPs developed for using drones in pest/disease management for 5 principal crops — paddy, cotton, soybean, groundnut, redgram — of TS
  • New protocols for enhancing plant protection efficiency using drones
  • Enable building of a scientific knowledge base which not only helps in making policy decisions but also benefits farmers in effective and safer plant protection operations

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